Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SwimZip Has Your Little One Covered

Celebrity Trend Expert Rachel Florio has brought another fabulous brand to my attention; SwimZip!

"Easy-on, easy-off UV 50+ protective swim shirts for kids!" ~SwimZip
Their products for boys and girls can solve all of your problems when at the beach or pool. Want to get your daughter that adorable little bikini but afraid that too much of her skin is being exposed to the sun? LOVE a pair of board shorts for your son but there is no matching rash guard to go with it? SwimZip has your little one covered.
(Picture provided by SwimZip)

(Picture provided by SwimZip)

Not only are these adorable to wear with their swimsuits, but they are UV 50+. What does this mean? Their rash guards will protect your child's skin from 99% UVA and UVB rays. I think your child's skin is something to protect, and SwimZip has products to help you do that.

I LOVE the front zipper so your little one can put on and off on their own. I also like the front zipper because I have tried to buy rash guards before for my kids and they just were the ones to pull over their head. I do not know if my kids have larger heads or not, but they hated when I tried to stretch that thing over their head because it was always such a small hole. Now, I can grab a SwimZip! There is no tag, so your child will not be irrigated by something scratching them. Completely tag free! For safer zipping there is a zipper flap, and the quality is amazing; stretch lycra and nylon construction. What I love even more is that they are chlorine resistant. They really did think of it all! 

I wanted to provide you with a few more facts that SwimZip has posted on their site.

"Kids are more vulnerable to sun damage. A few blistering sunburns in childhood can double a person's lifetime chances of developing serious forms of skin cancer. The best sunscreen is a hat and shirt." (Environmental Working Group)
Research from doctors published in the March edition of Pediatrics found that melanoma lesions in children sometimes look different from those in adults and may be misdiagnosed. (Provided by SwimZip's website.)

Makes you think again now when heading out into the sun....just be safe and grab a SwimZip for your little ones.

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