Saturday, November 12, 2011


Super excited to share this company, Jahgoo. Who is this and what do they sell you ask? Well, let's answer the who and then I will reveal the what.
"Jahgoo actually stands for something. When we created the products, of course we also needed a name. In our brainstorming sessions several references submerged. Specifically: When bathing your children, the bathroom turns into a jungle. Screaming monkeys and a lot of mess. The tub looks like a jacuzzi with bubbles and kids splashing water everywhere. Lastly, baby's first words sound like goo-goo. Well, throw jungle, jacuzzi and goo-goo into the blender and you get Jahgoo! Beyond Bathing: Designs for the modern parents, but products for baby's pleasure and comfort." ~Jahgoo

I LOVE the simplicity of the style and the design. It is very true. Sometimes when you buy a potty for your child they can be so large and take up so much room! I do not know about anyone else, but I just do not have that kind of room in my townhouse bathrooms. So, I thought what better way to show you the size of the potty then to use Mickey, my son's stuffed animal. Unfortunately, my son is not 3 and just way too big to use it.

If I still was potty training my little ones, this would be perfect! It does not get any easier. Your little one uses the potty, and you pull the middle part out, pour into the larger potty, and flush! Place the toilet seat back on the base and it is ready to go again. It is light and the best part, not bulky! It is ergonomically designed to fit both boys and girls.

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sara said...

Aww Mckey's getting potty trained!