Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chatting with Rachel Florio-Urso

If you have not heard of Celebrity Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso, then you must read this fabulous interview.  I LOVE hearing about the hot new brands she represents! It always amazes me how hard she works and her focus on every little detail for each of her clients.

What inspired you to start your own public relations company?

I wanted to start a hip boutique firm in SOHO, NY that fit my style and experience. I wanted to use my business as a platform to pitch products and services to the consumers through many different media outlets. I eat, breathe and live public relations and integrated marketing.

 It shows that you love what you do, but what would be the thing you love the most about your position?

If I can only choose one thing it would have to be the loyalty I receive from the media and my brands.

How long have you been a public relations superstar?

I have owned my firm for over a decade and hope to continue it for decades to come! I cannot imagine not doing what I love.

What do you LOVE about the Holidays?

Family, formal dining, decorating, holiday cheer and giving!

Do you favor Thanksgiving or Christmas, and why?

I think it’s important to give thanks and there is nothing better than turkey, stuffing and whipped potatoes, but I would have to say, Christmas! I love to make the kids happy by surprising them with the items on their list and it’s always nice to reminisce about my past childhood years.

What is a traditional dish that is made every year?

I recall my grandmother always serving the traditional rack of lamb with green mint jelly, but I make a spiral ham, lasagna and all of the typical traditional sides. My homemade apple pie is always a hit for dessert! My kids like to help me slice the apples and stir up the ingredients. We have a lot of fun! I am like June Cleaver in the kitchen! I think too many kids grow up not knowing how to boil water these days and I feel that’s a shame.

Do you prepare your holiday meals or someone else in the family?

I have been preparing the holiday meals for the past 18 years. Sometimes with the help of my mother or a guest who insists on bringing a side dish. We love my mother’s stuffing and my In-laws stuffed mushrooms so we welcome those! I truly feel like my holiday wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t take charge in the kitchen.

What colors are a must for you to use when decorating for Christmas?

I feel I have an old soul. I lean more toward the vintage-inspired shimmering silvers, robin’s egg blue tones and pale pinks. Years ago I was a “red and green” traditional decorator, but as my taste evolved and so many more beautiful ornaments and accessories have become reproduced it just felt right to transition. I feel my style for holiday is vintage chic.

As long as Bing and Sinatra are singing carols in the background, mini marshmallows are floating on top of the hot chocolate and the fire is crackling; Christmas time is as good as it is going to get!

Is decorating the tree a family event?

Oh, YES! the entire family gets together to help select the “perfect tree” for our home and then after my husband strings the lights we all start trimming the tree. After the kids go to bed, mom sneaks back downstairs to make some “minor adjustments”. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I find myself occasionally moving ornaments.

How do you shop for your Christmas decor....Buy a little each and every year or all at once? Do you LOVE taking advantage of the after holiday sales?

I like to collect things over time and I like conversation pieces so like the art on my walls, the ornaments have been hand picked over time. We have a sailboat from Nantucket and a starfish from the Vineyard. We have icicles from a quaint shop in Connecticut and ornaments from small shops to high end stores in NYC. The “filler bulbs” that fill those big gaps in the tree are from my go-to store, Target!

Are you a shopper that loves to wake up early and hit the stores on Black Friday?

With all of the ridiculousness of the violence that follows the marketing of Black Friday, I rather take my time and make it to the store in my own time. I don’t feel it’s in the holiday spirit to act animalistic to others.

 This year my college attending daughter asked me to take her shopping on Friday. We went, but at noon and only to a few stores. I really prefer to shop as a “last minute Sally” just to keep me pumped and in the spirit. I find myself wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve which can be somewhat frustrating, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is one thing that is special to you each and every year for the holidays?

The smiles on my children’s faces, their laughter and our serving the homeless at a local shelter. After ten years of a routine trip to the shelter I know my children have a sense of pride and they will always feel good giving back.

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Susan K. said...

Rachel Florio-Urso is everything and more than what people say. This women is an inspiration to myself and many others. She works extremely hard for her clients, both professionally and personally. She is as dedicated, professional, warm-hearted as they get!

wheniwasyourage said...

Great interview. I've been working with her for almost a decade and she never says never. And so much fun to work with. Susan at