Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trip to Seattle

I cannot believe it......I actually boarded a plane for the first time and did not freak out! Yes, my nerves were shot but once I actually boarded the plane I was calm. At the age of 28 I finally took a few steps out and went to Seattle. Yes, Seattle! It was an amazing trip, and I finally met my husband's family. At the age of 5 and 3, my little ones were awesome on the plan! They sat there and colored, and when we had to stop and board another plane they were troopers. One thing I did come to realize on my plane trip is that if you have a cold your ears will not feel so hot when landing. My poor daughter was in pain as we were landing both times. I did not understand why, but when we had to come back to MD I had a cold.

Headed to the airport at 5a.m. on a Saturday also seemed like it was the way to go. BWI was not super busy. the security lines were not terrible, and we were able to get through in pretty good time. Having to pay an extra $50 for bag fees was a downer, but I was just looking forward to our trip, and nothing was going to mess that up.

We landed in Seattle, and my brother-in-law picked us up. We were staying with my husband's Mom is Snohomish, WA. We arrived on Saturday, watched football on Sunday (Yes, even on a trip I have to watch my football!) and went to Kennewick, WA on Monday to visit grandma. That was a long trip, I think almost 4-5 hours to be exact! There was a lot of driving involved and our rental car definitely got a lot of mileage. I think we put over 800 miles on the car in one week. The kids were feeling the time change and dosed off in the car to Kennewick. 

On this trip we bought our Bubbles Bums! You cannot see them in the picture, but they saved us so much room! Since they are portable and you blow them up, your are able to squeeze them into your suitcase to take on a plane. I definitely recommend these to every parent who has a toddler and can ride in a booster seat!

Since it was such a long drive to Kennewick, I kept my camera out to capture all of the scenery. Of course we were able to get out and stretch, which is when I really took some amazing photos!

I LOVE these photos I took! The detail of the land and the color, amazing! Plus, I'm not a professional photographer so I think these came out really well. What do you think?


Kyleigh's Closet said...

You should have come a month ago when it was beautiful here :-) Did we have any sunshine when you were here?

Kyleigh's Closet said...

Thanks for the shout out today :-)

mimicj5 said...

I think your pictures are amazing and you are well on your way to being a professional photographer!