Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show Your Support!

Cuddling with your children makes you smile.....being able to sit down with your family without a worry in the world.... watching your kids laugh, standing with your husband as he achieves something, or being there with your mom and dad as they are together year after year. These are the moments that make life so memorable. They are the memories that evolve year after year.

Now let's look at life from a different angle. There is still that moment where you are still cuddling with your children, watching them laugh and standing next to your husband during his most prominent moment or being able to watch your mom and dad hold hands year after year. You smile, you even shed a tear. These are times in life when many people would cry because they are so happy. The difference here is that there is something wrong. This woman is also going through something during every happy moment. Even though she is facing something so tough, she can still bear a smile during her sacred times with her family. This woman is going through breast cancer.

You can never tell what someone is going can only be there when someone needs you for support. Yes support. Support is something that should come from everyone. Support is something that should always be there, no matter what. For a friend, for a co-worker, for an acquaintance. In this day in age, support could really go a long way if everyone would just show some support for one another.

Want to know how you could support someone now? Find out about your local breast cancer awareness campaigns and wear pink! Breast cancer affects many women nationwide and they are actively looking for a cure. Be a part of this cause and show your support today!

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