Monday, October 17, 2011

From Our Friends at Hasbro for Halloween!

Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween? We’re counting down the days as we plan our costumes, stock up on treats and pick out some of our favorite games to celebrate! In addition to the tricks and treats, this month we’re also excited about having fun with money through lots of Monopoly activities. Not only can you score big with Monopoly at McDonald’s, but you can also enjoy no-fee banking with Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition.

   All it takes to become a real estate tycoon is the swipe of a bank card in Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition. Keep your finances at your fingertips with an electronic banking unit as players buy property, pay bills and collect debts from opponents to become the richest player in the game. And rich just got richer! With updated property values as high as $4 million and paychecks for passing “GO” equaling $2 million, players will become moguls faster than ever as they wheel and deal their way around the board!

   Hasbro invites the next generation of property tycoons to practice valuable money skills while helping other kids – all while having fun and playing games at the new Monopoly Planet page at Monopoly is teaming up with the global organization SOS Children’s Villages for the launch to offer kids the opportunity to help build houses in real life for kids who need them.

   Hasbro's Monopoly brand has committed to a total donation of $400,000 to SOS Children’s Villages. The more games kids play at Monopoly Planet the faster they could be helping MONOPOLY support SOS Children's Villages, which is the world’s largest organization that provides homes and families to children without biological parents to care for them. In addition to operating more than 500 villages in 133 countries, SOS Children’s Villages advocates for the rights of children worldwide. Additionally, the organization helps to keep at-risk families together and helps at-risk families to prevent child abandonment. For more information about SOS Children's Villages, visit

   By playing games at MONOPOLY Planet, kids earn Power Points that will be converted into a cash donation of up to $100,000 (of the total $400,000 donation to SOS Children’s Villages). If at the end of the program the Power Points earned equate a donation of less than $100,000, Hasbro’s MONOPOLY will make up the difference.

  To start playing today, please visit

   Have you and your family been watching the all-new season of the “Family Game Night” show on The Hub? Remember to tune-in Friday nights at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT to see which family wins as they compete in larger-than-life versions of your favorite Hasbro games!
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