Thursday, October 13, 2011


Celebrity trend expert Rachel Florio shared another fabulous brand with us, BUGGYLOVE!

Have you heard of them?? I have and I'm here to tell all! BUGGYLOVE believes that your baby's stroller is their "home away from home." They feel that it should be cleaned and kept neat just like your home is. If you are a mom on the go and have a little one that spends some time in a stroller then you want to get your hands on BUGGYLOVE!

(Picture provided by BUGGYLOVE)

So what do you get? Inside the BUGGYLOVE kit for only $49.99 you will receive  BuggyLOVE - Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit includes FreshLOVE, PolishLOVE, FabricLOVE, WheelLOVE, Re-usable To-Go Bag, Wheel Scrub Bruch, and Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth. 

(Picture provided by BUGGYLOVE)

(Picture provided by BUGGYLOVE)

Know anyone who is expecting  bundle of joy soon? Or just happen to have a little one of your own? This is a great product that really goes a long way.Make sure you head over to the celebrity trend expert, Rachel Florio's new site;, follow on Twitter @Rachel_Florio, and connect with her on Facebook page.

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