Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bags, Bags, and MORE Bags!

Did that title catch your eye? Who does not like bags? I'm not talking about a plastic trash bag or a grocery bag, I'm talking about that perfect handbag that goes with any outfit. Or that leather tote that is perfect to take everywhere with you because anything can go in it. As a mom I do prefer larger handbags because I feel like I can fit the world in it. Yes, the world. How many of you are always stuffing everything in your purse? Hey, you may not be raising your hand but YOU do know what I'm talking about. The benefit of a larger handbag is that you do not see on the inside. Well of course if you ended up getting the old plastic style beach bags that are see through for the entire world to see! Really........what is the point? Plus ladies, it is a beach bag and no you should not convert it to a purse.

On the other hand, their are the sleek and smaller handbags that are good for special occasions, or to go out on the town, or go out to dinner. As a stylish momma you are not taking everything with you when you have dinner plans. Well, if you are taking your little ones....but you do not need to hold EVERYTHING as you would if you were out shopping or on the go all day with your children.

I recently came across a few brands that have fabulous handbags. Modalu and NICA. Right now at Modalu has their Fall hues out and they are lovely! From reds to browns.....I LOVE them! Have you always wanted to get your hands on the Pippa bag? You can find it at Modalu!

So back to the first paragraph. When you are out and about and you would like to hold items for the little ones, grab a tote! No better place to go then NICA. You can choose from three different patterns that have two colors in each pattern. Perfect canvas tote to take along.

Do not worry though, they also have other fabulous styles of handbags to choose from! Check out the one below which would be a great addition to your winter wardrobe!

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