Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poofin Star, a product your kids will LOVE

"Poofin is a new seriously soft toy that has kids like you talking about what makes them unique. A Poofin is a large pillow-like Star that holds a collection of soft picture charms that represent all the great things in your life. Think of it like a diary that you don’t need to write in. Or a soft scrapbook you can keep forever." ~Poofin

This is a very neat keepsake for your child. If your little ones are anything like mine, then they LOVE their pillows. At the ages of 3 and 5, mine will carry theirs all over the house. I'm not talking about a standard white pillow, but ones that were either made for them, or given to them like the pillow pets. Now, their poofin star is added to that collection, and put right on top.

The poofin star is a toy where your kids can carry around with them, hold their charms and treasures, and even lay on. It is very soft, and it is a way for them to be creative and always hold on to what they love the most. For instance, my daughter LOVES pizza, soccer, strawberries, and being a ballerina. So Poofin was kind enough to send us a poofin star and those charms to go with it. There are several poofin charms or you can create your own! It is a collection of soft mini pillows to go into their star, and they can always add to it as they grow.

So for the holidays this year, try and do something different and get your child a poofin star. Next, think of their favorite sports, or food, or hobbies, or anything they love, and get that charm for them. Your child will LOVE it and they will think it is the neatest thing because it is so soft and can be taken everywhere. There is a zipper on the back of the poofin star to put their charms.

Right now your child can go to the poofin website and vote on whether or not they like the images that are up to be a poofin charm. It is something fun for them to do and they will like that they are able to voice their opinions. Like Poofin states on their site, the poofin star is something that can be kept forever. Even as you grow older you can keep this to remember everything you were when you were young. It is a keepsake so you can always look back and see what you loved the most. It is something you can always share with your children and even your grandchildren.

Remember, you will know you are getting a great product too because the makers of poofin are also parents, and their saying is, "We’re parents. And we wouldn’t produce anything that we wouldn’t feel good about giving to our own children." ~Poofin

Make sure you follow Poofin on Twitter @PoofinStar and like Poofin on their Facebook page. Do something different this year, and get your child a gift that can last forever........a gift that you can always add to year after year.

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