Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lehla Shop and Magneblooms!

(Picture above from the store, InvenTORI)

Lisa Hill

Lehla Shop Owner/Creator

(Picture provided by Lisa Hill)

Lisa Hill is the Founder and Head Designer of Lehla Shop. Prior to founding LehlaShop, she worked as a Purchasing Manager for nearly a decade. A native of Wayne, New Jersey, she currently resides in Bossier City, Louisiana with her husband and daughter. Upon graduating from Wayne Hills High School, she studied at William Paterson University and completed a Creative Writing course at LSUS.

Lisa has been the creative force behind Lehla Shop since 2009. She ventured into fashion design by making the ever-popular tutus for her daughter when her hobby quickly evolved into a fashion for passion. She set up an online boutique on the Etsy web site where she experienced success and repeat customers.  Shortly after, Lehla Shop was selected as an "Official Sponsor" in the 30th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Award swag bags and participated in the "Babes in Toyland 3" Celebrity gifting with Distinctive Assets. In 2010, her personalized superhero t-shirt was requested by Tori Spelling for her son Liam's 3rd birthday party and the custom shirts were featured on her reality show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood", which aired on the Oxygen channel. 

While she searched for her creative “niche”, she was asked to create a flower headband for a friend's daughter. On a whim, she decided to design the bloom so that it was interchangeable by magnet, which would eliminate endless amounts of headbands. To her surprise, the demand soared for her new product line, which continues to experience rave reviews and feedback. Magneblooms™ will be featured in the August issue of City Life magazine and is currently seen by A-listers in Tori Spelling’s retail shop “InvenTORI”.

(Picture from Lehla Shop)

(Picture from Lehla Shop)

When she’s not conquering the fashion industry, she teaches ZumbAtomic as a certified Zumba and ZumbAtomic instructor. Lisa is also a freelance writer, has written for Red River Moms in the past and currently serves as Beauty Editor for a new local magazine. Additionally, she has authored a children's book.

I LOVE the style, I LOVE the look, I LOVE everything about Magneblooms! They are hip, stylish, and beautiful! I have short hair, so being able to dress it up with these products is fun, and I like how all I have to do to change up the head band is pull off the Magnebloom and switch it to another color or design to go with my outfit. I think the hair clip is awesome as well! No more having to buy several different headbands...the prices can add up for those, and finding quality headbands are not cheap in local stores. Now I can head to my favorite shop, and choose one headband and clip, and just choose from an endless amount of Magneblooms!

Can you tell it was super bright outside? She could not keep her eyes open for me, but still an adorable face :)

My daughter is also in love with accessories, and whenever I go to wear my Magneblooms, I see that she has already taken them out of my room. Magneblooms are great for every age!
How can you reach her you ask? lehlashop@gmail.com Make sure you stop by her shop, Lehla Shop, as well to get your hands on her Magneblooms that are a huge hit everywhere!