Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bring Polder into your Home

"Polder Housewares has been a leader in upscale consumer home goods since 1976. The core aspiration of the brand is to offer products that make daily tasks easier through innovation, value and good design. Polder initially made its name by offering high quality, European produced products sold at better stores.

In 2003 new management evolved the brand focus to creating products conceived through in-house vision, with only worthy innovation and user function in mind. This has yielded multiple patents, design awards and market-firsts for the brand as well as a growing grass-roots following.

As a company we are passionate about products, design and how we use items in the home everyday. Our brand continues to grow, keeping innovation and value for the consumer in mind.

Polder is 'where life meets style'." ~Polder

Polder is all about making your home functional, with stylish products so you do not have to be unorganized, or tripping over things. They have a products for every room in your home! There are several favorites of mine, and I was lucky enough to review these items. First of all, finding a trash can for your bathroom may seem simple right? You go to your closest Target and buy a little one.....BUT, Polder's looks sleek, modern, and is a perfect size for a grocery bag to go inside if you like to use those for convenience. If you would like to be more Eco....which I tend to, I just eliminate using the grocery bag. Either way, it is an awesome trashcan for the bathroom. I like the built-in handles so that I can grab the trashcan on the way downstairs while having my coffee cup in my hand after getting ready in the morning. Simple, easy, and looks great! The 2.3 Gallon Grocery Bag Bath Can is silver and then you can choose from a black base and lid or white.

Now if you are like my family, we love being organized, having things in reach, but still neat in the kitchen. One product that is great from Polder is their Deluxe Single Tear Paper Towel Holder. This is a very sleek and stylish paper towel holder, and holds deluxe and standard sized paper towel rolls. Even better, you do not have to use two hands to rip off a towel, simply grab and tug, and the paper towel will not budge. Comes in stainless steel and will match everything!

One last item I would like to share is their drying racks for the kitchen. I have searched to find a good drying rack. I would love to share two of theirs. Depending on your preference and how much room you have on your counter, you could go with either. The Advantage Dish Rack System is great to have to keep on your counter to air dry your dishes. It also has a slide out tray and rubber mat increasing your drying space when you have a full sink of dirty dishes. The steel will not rust, and the separate utensil holder is great as well to dry your forks and knives. 

Or you can choose to go with the Advantage Dish Rack System  that takes up less space, and the rubber system will keep glasses safe because it will not move on your counter. You can hang glasses on the hooks and know that they will not fall because of the suction cups under the mat. Easy to store as well because you can fold it up and slide in a cupboard. I like to use this and pair with the Advantage In-Sink Caddy to hold either utensils to dry.

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