Friday, June 10, 2011

News from our friends at Little Tikes

In Celebration of the 33rd Anniversary of Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox Little Tikes Sponsors Turtle in Sea Turtle Conservancy’s “Tour de Turtles” 2011 Marathon!

Help Litt Tikes Name their Turtle! Cast your vote at!

Start your flippers - the race is on!  The celebration continues for the 33rd Anniversary of Little Tikes’ beloved Turtle Sandbox as Little Tikes sponsors a live sea turtle in the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s  2011 “Tour de Turtles” marathon.  Launching on August 15, 2011, the  “Tour de Turtles” marathon is an Internet-based program that utilizes the satellite-tracked migration of sea turtles as the core component of an educational program aimed at raising awareness about threats to sea turtles.  Utilizing interactive online maps, videos and games, “Tour de Turtles” focuses on the biology and conservation of sea turtles and their habitats.  For three months, “Tour de Turtles” will follow individual sea turtles - including the Little Tikes turtle - using satellite-tracking technology as they travel from their nesting beaches to unknown feeding grounds. 

Along with the goal of traveling the most kilometers in the marathon, each of the participant turtles also will swim to raise awareness about a Cause related to sea turtle survival. That is fantastic!

We’ve chosen ‘plastic debris’ as out turtle’s Cause,” said Rosanne Kubisty, Senior Director of Marketing, Little Tikes.  “Little Tikes toys are recyclable.  We want to call attention to the fact that plastic debris in our oceans is life threatening to turtles. We want to make sure that plastics end up in the right place and not in the marine environment.”   

It’s a girl! Little Tikes invites fans to join the fun and help us name our turtle.  Visit and cast your vote now! 

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