Monday, May 9, 2011

Shaw Floors Tigressá

Last year Shaw Floors launched a new line called Tigressá SoftStyle. I have been super thrilled about this feature, because Shaw Floors was so kind to offer me a great price to review and feature their carpet line. First impression after receiving the samples to get an idea of the line.....LOVE it!

(Picture by Tigressá)

Now, I was almost on the border line of wanting no carpet in the entire house, and either going hardwood, but since that is very expensive, I was going to choose a laminate. When you think about it, many people are starting to rid of their carpet because of allergy issues, or carpet being too stiff, not comfortable, just not appealing. Tigressá SoftStyle has won me over!!! I'm very convinced that this collection will win you over too!

What has been the problem when choosing carpet? Well, like many know, as well as Shaw Floors know, the problem is, do you want to choose durability over softness, or the other way around? There has not been any brand that combines those two benefits. Now, Shaw Floors has combined those two luxuries for you, and has made it easy so you do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

Guess what? "Tigressá SoftStyle carpet is also greener. Manufactured as an eco-friendly choice for today’s consumer, you’ll find Tigressá an excellent choice in flooring. Luxurious softness for ultimate comfort. Exceptional strength and durability for long-term wear. That’s Tigressá SoftStyle." ~Tigressá

(Picture by Tigressá)

Another reason you should LOVE this collection by Shaw Floors? "Tigressa’s Save The Tigers Efforts; The majestic creature that inspired this revolutionary new product is in danger. As she struggles to survive, the people who share her lands struggle as well.

The Save the Tiger Fund envisions a world in which tigers thrive in natural habitats across their Asian range in harmony with people. Save The Tiger Fund sponsors effective efforts to stop the killing of wild tigers and to enable wild tigers to recover and flourish, while empowering local people to live in balance with natural resources and providing tangible benefits to them whenever possible.

With the launch of Tigressá SoftStyle carpet in 2010, we chose to support the Save The Tiger Fund with a donation so that tiger populations can thrive and continue to be an inspiration to us all. We were very excited to have donated $25,000 to the Save The Tiger Fund in 2010 and we plan to continue our support." ~Tigressá

To learn more about tigers and the Save The Tiger Fund, please visit
Tweet For Tigers
CCA Global Partners will donate one dollar for every tweet generated from from May 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011 up to $5000. 

I will be showing the carpet in my home, so that you can get a close up of what it looks like. I will post very soon, but this is truly an amazing collection with a variety of colors and styles that you will LOVE in your home! Stay tuned!

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Paul said...

do you have photos of this in your home? my wife and i are leaning towards getting this brand, but couldn't find much in the way of reviews online. please let us know, as we'll be looking to purchase this week.