Thursday, May 26, 2011

Puzzles from Hasbro

Did you know that Hasbro not only a leader in the games industry, but are also the world’s largest manufacturer of puzzles. This year, Hasbro was thrilled to introduce Ji Ga Zo, a revolutionary new product, which allows you to use photos to create personalized puzzles. In fact, you can use the same 300 pieces in the puzzle to make virtually any image – a child, spouse, friend, pet or celebrity! Each game comes with CD-Rom software to convert any image into a puzzle map of symbols and colors. The map is then used to transform the sepia-colored pieces into your image. Since the puzzle is assembled based on a custom map, the image can be changed, the map updated and the pieces reshuffled for hours and days of fun!

With Ji Ga Zo, seeing really is believing, and you will be amazed with this revolutionary puzzle that Hasbro has created! Plus, this innovative game only costs $24.99.

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