Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs!

So this year we all went over to my sister's house to dye Easter eggs. It was a blast! The kids had fun dunking their eggs into the dye, and amazed at what color came out. The best part? Well, I will leave that for last :)

So the first thing you do...add cold water to the eggs, and then boil.

Since there were 5 kids, 2 mine and 3 my sister's....each child getting to dye 18 eggs, I decided to boil them before we went to her house. So after dinner we got to it, and the kids started to make their masterpieces!

Don't you just love that facial expression and those nails??!!

After the kids started to dye a few eggs though, we realized that were were too many egg cartons on the table. One little boy could not wait and pulled all the egg cartons out of the fridge, without knowing which carton was not boiled. After shaking them and breaking one open.... we think we found the one. We think...

Who do you think was guilty?

How did your Easter Egg dying go??? Have a great Easter!!!

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