Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baboosh Body

Have you heard about Baboosh? It is a brand that was created by Brooke Burke. She is all about staying fit and looking her best, even after having four little ones. Who says you have to keep the baby weight packed on? If you work hard and stick to it, your to can achieve great results like Brooke did.

If you have not hear about Baboosh from Brooke, here is a little more information: "Baboosh is a nickname that we use for our third daughter, Rain. During that pregnancy, I learned about the concept of wrapping the post partum belly. After much research, I realized that women around the world have been wrapping their bellies for centuries. As soon as I delivered Rain, I searched high and low for the right garment to help my belly get back in shape quickly and naturally. I used a girdle, a supportive ace bandage, a compression garment, basically anything I could find to wrap my belly. There was nothing on the market that was small enough, comfortable and easy to put on. So I decided to design my own belly wrap, Tauts. I wore it day and night for forty days. My belly was shrinking faster than it had with my other pregnancies. As I began to share this age-old philosophy with other expectant moms, everyone wanted a Tauts of their own.

In November of 2007, my mother and I launched Babooshbaby.com, which is my avenue to market that age old secret and share it with other mothers across the globe. We could not keep Tauts on the shelves, as it seemed that every pregnant woman in the country was ordering one. We perfected the product and worked diligently to educate women about its benefits and ship Tauts to everyone in need. Within several weeks I decided to use Babooshbaby as a way to share some of the other products I know and love with mothers around the world.

I developed l'huile de Baboosh, organic stretch mark prevention oil, which is made from many of my favorite oils that I used during my pregnancies. It is lightly scented and designed with a pregnant women's needs in mind. I totally believe in keeping your growing belly oiled during pregnancy.

Babooshbaby has quickly grown from the home of Tauts to a place where I can share many other great products that I use and believe in. All of our products are made and packaged with love. I also blog weekly about my motherhood journey, both the good and the challenging. I encourage any “Tauts thoughts” as well as your comments. I have found that there is no better way to learn than from each other. Babooshbaby is a place to visit and find hip, practical and necessary items. It is a place to learn, laugh, and have a little fun. Check the "What's New" section often as I introduce new items that will make this motherhood journey a bit easier." ~Brooke Burke

I was thrilled to try the Baboosh Body wrap on while I worked out. I have never had the opportunity to use a wrap after pregnancies, or while working out, and I was excited to see how it went. The Baboosh Body wrap is for men and women, and comes in two sizes; small which goes up to 34 inches, and large which goes up to 44 inches. The wrap is made out of nylon and neoprene which will promote intense sweating. After wearing it during my workouts, I took off the wrap, and it definitely does! 

You want to make sure it is a snug fit, but you do not want to have it too tight where you cannot breathe. It would be a little difficult to workout with the Baboosh Body wrap if you were passed out on the floor. If anyone needs to watch how to put the wrap on, Brooke has posted a video on her site to show you each step. 

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