Sunday, March 20, 2011


REI knows how important it is to have the right clothing and gear for being outside. They know how much fun it can be to go snowboarding, or to go camping with the family, or to just go for a few mile run. They are here for you and your needs to make the most of your outdoor adventure. Did you know that every year REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation efforts nationwide? They do not stop there. They also have many volunteers that will go out to clean up beaches and build trails, and teach outdoor ethics to kids. This company is truly amazing because they put love and work into everything that they do.

My husband loves to run. He started over the winter season and is still going strong. During the cold seasons, and up until now, running in the cold is not fun unless you have the right gear. He loved their Polartec Power Dry Long Underwear Bottoms that sell for $32.50. Even in the cold season you can sweat, and he wanted something to help him stay warm and dry while running. The REI Polartec Power Dry Zip-T was awesome, and he always wore it. There are different level of weight, but they are all fantastic!

Now running paints was the difficult part with him. He wanted something that was not very loose and wanted something with some weight to help keep out the cold. There are 4 styles of men's running pants that you can choose from that are REI brand.  If you want to make it a complete look, check out the REI Airflyte Running Jacket with eVent Fabric. This jacket will allow you to breathe, reducing the cold bitter chill that can affect you when you sweat. Sometimes you have to spend a little more to be comfortable doing what you love.

They have all the gear for women as well, from long underwear to REI Polartec shirts and pants to keep that clammy feeling away.  The REI brand is great to have hanging in your wardrobe, and will last fro many years to come.

Plus, if you sign up to be an REI member, or already are, you can save 20% one full price item! Hurry, offer ends April 10, 2011. Make sure you like REI on their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @REI.

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