Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here is some new from our friends at Hasbro

Do you like to play board games? Are you a fan of sitting back, and relaxing with your kids while having fun with your family?


When the raindrops hit the windows, turn off the TV and spread the Twister mat out on the living room floor. Spend the afternoon bending, twisting and attempting to get your right hand on blue and your left foot on yellow to be the last one standing. Or, for a new take on the classic game, check out Twister Hoopla. Similar to the original, this updated version will tie you up in knots, as players become the Twister mat. The iconic dots are now colored rings players use to connect body parts with other players to score points and be the Twister Hoopla champ.

If you’re looking for even more ways to beat the rainy day blues and boost your gloomy mood, try Bop-It! or Bop-It! Bounce. Bop-It! is the fast-action game that calls the shots, inviting players to shout, twist, pull or bop in random order. If players respond correctly, Bop-It! will answer with a new command, but they’ll have to think quickly! The commands will keep getting faster and faster! And if your hand-eye coordination is in top form, put your skill to the test with Bop-It! Bounce. Select from one of six different games, and respond to the voice commands by bouncing the ball on the impact-sensitive trampoline.


Have you purchased any new Hasbro games this month? Or, are you planning to add to your game closet in April? To help ensure FAMILY GAME NIGHT is fun and carefree, Hasbro and TOMBSTONE® Pizza are teaming up to give you a FREE (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE pizza with the purchase of a new game. Through April 30, pick up ANY Hasbro game at your local retailer, then visit Family Game Night to download a mail-in offer form to receive a coupon for a FREE (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE pizza.

Purchase any Hasbro game 2/25/2011 through 4/30/2011. See PDF Offer Form at Family Game Night for complete details. Tombstone Pizza Coupon will be mailed 60 days following receipt of completed redemption form. Offer ends 4/30/2011


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