Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nursery and Toddler Bedding

Carousel Designs is a leading trend setter in the baby bedding industry. The company was founded in 1988, and ever since then, they have been creating fabulous designs that are both appealing to the baby and adults. To help first-time parents, or any parents to be with creating their fabulous nursery, Carousel has come out with a Nursery Designer, where parents can create their own virtual nursery online. This online tool really makes it easier because you can actually see how everything will look, rather than trying to guess or assume.
The amount of patterns and pre-designed bedding is endless! You will probably have a hard time trying to choose from Carousel bedding because it is all so fabulous! The quality is fantastic, and even great for toddler beds as well. Carousel Designs has their experience of bedding, and they have created everything from cribs to a queen size bed.

One of my favorite patterns is the  Retro Owls. The colors are great for a boys room, and my son loves his Retro Owl Comforter. Get yourself one for your little one for $124.

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