Friday, February 25, 2011

Giving a room a "wow" effect

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? I know, you are thinking, "It is still freezing outside!" However, the earlier you start the quicker you get to enjoy that fabulous spring weather once it arrives!

On top of spring cleaning, I am still going through each room in my house and deciding what I could do to make a simple upgrade. Adding crown molding can really make a big impact, and when done right, can make your walls seem taller than they really are. Crown molding also gives you room a touch of elegance!

In addition to crown molding, using wider trim than the standard size can really make a big impact too. I LOVE wider trim, and it can give a modern edge on a traditional style. Of course selecting the style could take time, but you could find additional help online, or go to Lowe's or Home Depot directly. 

The picture above shows wider trim, crown molding, and a taller base. Isn't that fabulous!!! It can really make a huge difference with a nice wood floor, trim, crown molding, and a neutral paint.  You will "wow" your guests, and you will never get sick of this modern elegant style.

I look online all the time for inspiration, and have really found some great pictures of homes and rooms. It is amazing what crown molding can do! Do you have wider trim and crown molding in your home? We would love to see pictures!!! Send them over to us and we would LOVE to feature your home and you on Chic Style Modern.

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Jessica said...

Love crown molding! Someday when I am not a renter . . . ;)