Thursday, January 6, 2011

Start your spring cleaning early...

I LOVE to come home to a clean house...who doesn't? I like the smell, the look, everything about it! Since I am the work from home parent, I am usually the one who makes the house looking spotless. There are a few cleaning products I like to use on a daily basis, but would like to recognize one in particular, Method.

I am sure many of you know about this company, but their mission is simple. They want to help to eliminate dirt and have a clean environment without using the harsh chemicals that can be found in regular cleaning agents. They believe that they should be five things:

They want to be clean, which means that their products will help you to clean but using "naturally derived surfactants." They wants their products to be safe, not only for the home, but for you. They want their products and ingredients to be green, and safe to the environment. Method also believes design is very important. In their own words, "At method, we believe product design is a thang. It's very much a thang." ~Method

Finally, Method believes that their products do not need to sting your nose when you walk into the room. They feel that you should love to take a deep breath in with the smell of flowers, or oranges, or other aromas. 
Their prices are affordable, and they have home cleaning products for everything! I love the Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner. The spearment aroma is not overpowering, but gives you the sense that your bathroom is clean. You do not need a smell to hit you in the face and knock you want something that invites your guests in, and yes, even for your bathroom. Sells for only $3.99. Their Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner is also an item to have in your home. You can get this in the Lemon Verbena for only $3.99, and it also kills 99.9% of germs.

Their Dish Pump Soap is great on cleaning the dishes, and the design is also stylish enough to leave out on the counter. You really need to get the entire line, and you will have your home feeling clean and smelling fantastic!
Do not stop there! You can get Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer as well to keep your hands clean all day long. I love the smell, and know that it is safe because of the natural ingredients. Their line even extends into selling items for baby and kids! They truly want to help you when it comes to cleaning, and they want to make sure that your family is safe along the way, as well as the environment. I am in love.

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Mrs Paul said...

I LOVE method cleaners but they need to come up with a better solution for Wood and Stainless Steel... the current solution leaves streaks all over my furniture and appliances.

Simply Stacie said...

Your blog feature is up!