Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spending Time with your little ones

I do not mind taking the little ones outside, but you can only bear the weather for so long. Eventually, you have to go inside and warm up. Your little ones may not be too happy about it, but there are activities that can be done to keep them entertained.


Hasbro has a game out for ages 3 and up called Pop Goes Froggio. This game will have your children laughing every time the frog goes flying in the air. Your kids will learn how to match the faces on the lily pads, and after they have made a match, they can send the frog flying through the air by stepping on the launcher. It is fun for all ages. Everyday my little ones pull out Froggio and place the lily pads all over the ground, and start matching. This has to be one of the best games they have ever played.


You do not have to worry about little pieces, or losing little parts of the game. Your children can clean up after themselves, and they will always want to play again every single day. The retail value for  this game is $16.99.
Besides playing a Hasbro game, you can read your children a book. This is definitely something that should be done everyday, and your little ones will LOVE it! Chronicle Books has a great selection of books for preschool ages and up, and they are very affordable as well. They have some books that are very creative where you can create a house, or books as simple as learning your ABC's

I buy them books as often as I can when I think we have read everything. This tends to happen a lot. I also love getting them books for holidays and other occasions. Christmas books were a huge hit, and we read a few all the way up to Christmas. Now I cannot wait to get their a few Valentine's Day books. It is a great way for you to sit down and cuddle with your children, and also to help them learn.

Check out some of Chronicle Book's bestsellers!

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