Saturday, January 29, 2011

Green Moutain Coffee

One of the best places to find a wide variety of coffee for your Keurig is Green Mountain Coffee. Their purpose "is to create the ultimate coffee experience in every life we touch from tree to cup --- transforming the way the world understands business." ~ Green Mountain Coffee

Before we go further into which flavor coffee is my favorite, and other new flavors, lets dig a little deeper into Green Mountain Coffee. Did you know that Green Mountain Coffee partners with Coffee Communities?

"Strong relationships with our farmers help improve the quality of coffee, and the quality of life, in communities and around the world." ~ Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee wants to deliver the best coffee, and they get involved to help their farmers pick out the best coffee beans. They have been buying coffee from the Huatusco Cooperative in Mexico since 1996. In addition, Green Mountain has also gave them their support to help make improvements to their wet mill and set up scholarships for children in Mexico.

There are other cooperatives that are in Rwanda at the KOAKAKA cooperative; in Indonesia where Green Mountain Coffee helped establish the Gayo Organic Coffee Farmers Association. Green Mountain Coffee also donates their time, coffee, and money in local neighborhood communities. The company wants to make the community cleaner, and wants to help others who are in need. If you would like to hear more about what they do, visit, Brewing a Better World.

Now I have to tell you about the Limited Edition K-cups that I LOVE. I usually like a dark roast, however, the flavor of the Limited Edition Golden French Toast is awesome! I may have to stock up on this flavor, but there are so many other varieties that you can try!

Another great flavor is the Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve. If you like bold coffee then you will love this! Using a Keurig though does not mean you only have to drink coffee. You can find tea, iced beverage k-cups, hot chocolate, and even apple cider from Green Mountain Coffee. If you take your coffee on the go, there are also Travel Mug size k-cups, that will give you more for your larger cup.

Stay up to date with new items and the latest news for Green Mountain Coffee on their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @GreenMtnCoffee.

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