Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kushies Online

It is the beginning of the year, and what are you planning? Are you expecting or do you have any plans on having a little one in your future? Or maybe you a little one, and are looking for the right place to find those necessities for him/her. Well, we found a place that you will love!

Kushies has a variety of products. You can find crib bedding, outerwear, toys, layettes, bibs, diaper bags, and if you prefer organic, they have you covered. I feel that having a little toy for your little one is a must. They may not be able to hold it, but if you can hang something on their car seat they would love it. Once they are able to hold onto toys, Kushies Zolo Toys are great.

One of my favorites is the Stacrobats Magnetic Stacking Acrobats. They are easy to attach, and will stick to one another in a variety of ways. Your little one will play for hours with this and never get bored. The item is $55.99, and helps your little one to begin playing independently, and using their imagination to play. They will think of new ways to put the acrobats together, and will be amazed at what they did!

Another one of my favorites is the Shangrila Multi-Sensory Activity Mat & Portico Archway Accessory. This item sells for $119.99, and is great for ages starting at newborn and older. The product has soft toys, and four interchangeable toys to keep them busy. This item encourages stimulation, imagination, creative thinking and more! It will last a long time as your little one grows.

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