Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comfort and Style Have come together.

Lately I have been looking for shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish. It is not always easy. Many times, if you want to have a super trendy shoe, that usually meant you had to withstand pain as well. Is that really necessary?

I believe that every woman should have the right to have many shoes. Yes, SHOES! I love them, and there are always so many to choose from when shopping. Lets start with flats. You should always have a few pairs of flats in your closet. They are always perfect to slip on and look great with everything!

Aerosoles has two pair of flats that we love. They are great to slip on with jeans, and your feet will love them. The Teashop Flats are great in the Brown Fabric and Black Leather, and are on sale for only $29.99 from $59.00! That is a great deal!

If you are interested in something more sporty, you can check out the Utah, which can also be very comfortable when you are on the go. Instead of throwing on a pair of sneakers, grab these pair of flats in black, red, or blue to be comfortable all day long.

Another one of our favorites are the Teddy Bear boots. These boots are on sale between $59-$79 from $130. They have a 2 1/4" wedge heel, and are great to wear with anything as well. Did I mention how comfortable they are? You will fall in love with this boot. The full front lace toggle allows you to make the boot as snug as you need them.

Just looking for a comfortable boot to wear with all of the snow outside? Not a snow boot, but something that will be warm...well check out the Buttermilk boot that is on sale for $79 from $110. This boot is super comfortable and will keep your feet warm during this cold weather. You can choose from taupe, black, gray, or green suede to fit your own style.

You can also check out all the new arrivals right now that have just been released. You will be happy with your purchase because your feet will love what they are wearing, believe me.

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