Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Toy!

Sprig ~"Where play comes naturally." Sprig Toys believes that there should be toys that are earth-friendly. Why? Well, no more batteries laying around in the landfill, and they are using materials that are not hurting the earth to make their toys that will get your little ones using their imagination! What can get any better than this? We are all about finding great toys for your little ones for the holidays. If we can find one though that lets you child use their creativity to play, then that is a company you should check out.

Sprig Toys has four different collections to choose from; Adventure Series, Sprig HollowEco-Trucks, and Story Builders. They all contain products that your child will love, and even better, they sell at a great price.

My son loves to play with little figurines, little matchbox cars, and now, he loves his Sprig Glider Patrol. The Glider Patrol only sells for $8.99, and is a 4 piece playset. The product does not contain any paint, is made from recyclable materials, and is also dishwasher safe! We all know, with certain toys we find when cleaning, we wonder what happened to it.... I have cleaned up after my little ones and some toys are covered in pudding, popsicle, anything and everything! Sometimes they need to be thrown in the dishwasher, but cannot. The Glider Patrol is safe to be thrown in the dishwasher when they are covered in food or other substances.  

Hurry and order for your little ones for the holidays! It is not too late. Perfect for a stocking stuffer and your child will love!

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