Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Recipes!

We have several recipes that are great to enjoy! I would LOVE to share a quick and easy one with you this week. Corn Muffins are always a hit with the company. What my husband and I have done recently is add jalapenos to the mix. It is a great way to add some flavor, and depending on how much you add, there can be a kick of heat or just enough for extra flavor to the corn muffin mix.

It is a simple recipe:
Follow the instructions to the corn muffin mix when preparing and mixing the ingredients. Before you pour the batch into a pan to be baked, clean the jalapenos and dice them up. You can leave them in larger pieces if you like depending on your preference. I love spicy food, however, when I have company, I do not want to have them reaching for water constantly! You must try this recipe, and only use a few jalapenos to begin with. That way you can tell if you would like them to be a little more spicy. Add the diced jalapenos to the corn muffin mix, and then pour into the pan. You then would follow the remainder of the instructions on the baking time and temperature form the box.


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