Monday, October 11, 2010

Where do you keep your cosmetics?

I love my cosmetics! I love trying different shades and changing up the color schemes for the different seasons. I am into the brown and purple shades, however, trying something new is never a bad thing. So of course, my cosmetics never have a home. They are spread out everywhere. Little bags help but eventually the eye shadows end up getting broken and the eye liner smears all over the bag, which of course, gets all over everything else. I have been on a search for something that could hold all of my makeup and be stylish enough to sit out on the vanity. Then I thought of it! Why not buy something that I grew up using? Caboodles!

Caboodles has several different cases to help keep you organized. You can choose choose from the Petite or the Grand Train Cases. These two are my favorite because they are simple to open and close and I love the styles. The Petite Train Case comes in styles called Makeup Maven, Ooh La La, My Style, Two-of-a-Kind, Pretty Woman, All Dolled Up, Treasure Collector, and Prima Donna. The Petite Cases are great for the little ones. My daughter loves to be like her mommy and watches me almost every morning when I put on my makeup. She watches me put everything away in my caboodle, and that is why I had to get her one. I bought her little chap sticks and nail polishes so that she could put items in her caboodle, and she keeps it safe in her room. They are great to have and really keep our makeup, or even your little personal items to yourself.

The Grande Train Cases come in a variety of patterns and colors as well. My favorite is the Adore which comes in the Faux Croc. This Caboodle is very chic, and has four open trays, and a locking latch. I am sure many have some items that you would like to be kept away without any little fingers getting a hold of them. This is great for my makeup because my little ones will sneak in their and have a field day with my makeup, and come out looking like they are ready for Halloween.

Caboodles can be found at many stores, here are a few that are known; Target, Walmart, Walgreen's, and Harmon. The prices range from $5-$40 and are well worth the money. The Holidays are arriving fast, and many are already starting their Christmas shopping. Caboodles would make a great gift for anyone, and are found at a retailer near you.

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Mrs Paul said...

I used to love these back when I was in school!