Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little changes that make a big impact

There are several different ways that you can upgrade a home. You can paint a room a different color to change the theme, or you could hang a mirror to make the room seem larger. You could even go as small as changing the light switches. There are so many different styles of products for each little area of your home, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to upgrading lights and fixtures. 

To upgrade a home and be more efficient you can change a light fixture to a ceiling fan. You have so many options as to what style ceiling fan you want, and you can choose whether you want lights, or if you would just like the sleek look without the lights. There are large ceiling fans that are great for a large open space, or there are smaller fans for rooms that are close and tiny. Ceiling fans are great to have, and here at chic.style.modern we feel that ceiling fans should be in every room.

One company that makes fabulous ceiling fans is Hunter Fans. "Since 1886, Hunter Fan Company has innovated new and smarter ways to clean, circulate and condition the air in your home." ~Hunter Fans

We love the Five Minute Fan. This fan is very well made and you can purchase in the color of your choice, but it does not require as much work to put it together and hang like other ceiling fans. The fan already comes 90% pre-assembled so that you do not have to spend the entire day putting the fan together and trying to hang it. Hunter Fan wants the assembly process to be a breeze. 

The Five Minute Fan with the brushed nickel can make a room very modern. It gives a simple and stylish look that really can pull a room together. The power of the fan is fantastic, and the option to change the colors of the blade from Maple to Cherry is great. You can also choose from a 50" or 52" blade span, and the crafted glass comes in swirled marble or frost. The swirled marble is very elegant and chic, and goes well in any room. Another benefit of this fan is that it is energy efficient.

Make Hunter Fan your choice today and purchase the Five Minute Fan. There are several participating retailers where you can purchase, so head in today!

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