Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It is close to that time of year once again. The scary masks, the skeletons hanging from the trees, the haunted houses, scary hay rides, carving of the pumpkins, the list goes on. In our household, we will be painting our pumpkins this year. How can a two-year old and a four-year old really enjoy carving a pumpkin when they are not supposed to be using any type of knife? So what else does a little one like to do? Of course, get really messy and use a ton of paint to make a wonderful master piece!

This year, we are able visit the Pumpkin Patch twice which will be a great experience. The little ones are at the age where they are going to enjoy every minute of the events, the maze, and of course, picking their own pumpkin. This is an event that no one should miss, so make sure you get out to your local patch to enjoy with the children, friends, and family.

We would love to see your artwork and creativity with your pumpkins! Send us a picture so we can feature it for everyone to see! Send your pictures to

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