Thursday, October 7, 2010


At g.u.s. you can exclusively find Kangaroom products, that are great to have to help with organizing in a home. As we all know, organization is something that we LOVE, and we are here to help other to achieve this as well in every part of their home. Let's start simple right now and find useful items to use in the bathroom. Kangaroom has a IM Text Shower Tote that sells for only $7.99. This black and white tote is great to have to keep all of your bath essentials together. Having them sit all over the bath tub can be annoying because they constantly get knocked over. Keep them all together in the IM Text Shower Tote so you will always be ready when you head into the shower.

The tote is designed with 2Cool2BTrue text and emoticons. The tote is water resistant and makes your life a little bit easier. Whether you live at a dorm, or you have to share your bathroom with a few others, you can always take your bathroom essentials wherever they may need to go.

What is even better is that this tote is made from 100% recycled materials, so you be Eco-friendly while getting ready for a bath or shower. There is one large pocket in the center of the bag for your larger items, and then 8 smaller pockets surrounding for smaller items. There are also grommets in the bottom of the bag so the items can drain and ventilate properly so there is never an issue with water sitting in the bottom. This tote is also great for the little ones as well! There are always so many kids toys in a bath, and this tote is also great to house the items that are hard to storage.

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