Thursday, September 9, 2010

Across Body

I LOVE handbags! I like the giant tote style bags, the small clutch purse, and now one of my faves is the Radley London Pocket Bag. The across body bag comes in small, medium, and large, giving you the option of more space if you need it. Personally, I love a ton of room in my handbag, but every now and then I like to switch it up and get a bag that will only hold the essentials. Especially now because my babies are growing up and I do not need to carry around all of the baby esseentials like I did before when they were infants.

Radley London has a bag for every occasion and style, all you need to do is select the color and size that would fit your needs. The pocketbag has fabulous colors that are a must-have for any from red, purple, black, brown, navy, tan, and pink. The small pocketbag is only $125.00, and you are getting a stylish little bag that has been a bestseller since it was created. Sometimes with style, simple can really stand out, and that is what attracts so many people to the pocketbag. The bag is made of smooth leather, and there is a zip at the top so that you can be assured that nothing will fall out. For easy access to cards or lip gloss there is an outside zip pocket, as well as an inside zip pocket.
I think it is great! With a four-year old and a two-year old I always need to be able to have my hands free. Getting your little ones to hold you hand can be difficult when your purse keeps sliding down your arm and onto theirs, which is probably way to heavy for them to carry. Another benefit of a across body bag is that you are not putting all the weight of your purse directly on one shoulder. We have all been there, yet none of us will give up our handbags! Now you do not have to, just wear it a different way.

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Anonymous said...

wow! super lovely bags! thx for sharing; happy weekend!