Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Reading


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During the summer it can be tough to keep your little ones interested in reading. There is the constant running around and rather than being a relaxing summer, it always seems like we are trying to do anything and everything! Sometimes, we all just need to sit back, and relax, with a good book, especially with our little ones.

Chronicle Books has some great titles to read with your children. One that my little ones LOVE is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Of course many have seen the movie, but reading to your child allows them to grow and gives you a chance to teach them.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is great for all ages, and comes in paperback. Of course you can only truly find out what this is about (if for some reason you have never read or seen this!) if you buy it for only $14.99. It is a book that you can keep as they grow and read to them over and over.

This has been a very popular read though and the story has been around 145 years since its original publication.

Another great title is Thumbelina. The book has a hard cover, and is for ages 4-8. However, this is another book that is great to read as your children grow. Your little ones will be intrigued with this fabulous story about Thumbelina's adventures. 

Buy this online at Chronicle Books for only $17.99. 

The last innovative item I would like to share is MoMA Modern Play House. With this fun design, your little one can create a modern play house with the items contained in the box. The package includes 6 nesting boxes, 8n mix and match furniture pieces, and 12 removable vinyl clings to design your modern home. The kiddies will love it! It gives them a chance to show their creativeness in designing their first home.

Get yours today for only $19.99.

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wow! these are great finds for Christmas gifts:)

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