Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decals that you will LOVE

Sticky Tiki is a company that creates "divine fabric wall decals" for your walls. These decals are fabulous! You can stick them to the wall, and if you do not like the way it looks, peel it off and reapply. They do not get messed up, and they will look amazing.

How do they not get messed up? ~ you ask... well, that is because Sticky Tiki was brilliant and used fabric when creating their wall art and decals. They will not wrinkle or tear, and they look great on any wall. Our favorite is from the new collection, Alphabetica.

Before we look a little more into these adorable and unique decals, lets take a look at how the company began. Founded by Kim Hands and Simon Lindegran, Sticky Tiki started in 2008 in Aotearoa. With Kim being the creator of the designs and Simon bringing them to life on the decals, Sticky Tiki has been growing with the help of their little ones; Zavia, Jasper and Kahlo. They have the talent, the brains, and of course, their little ones, the critics. They are able to know what designs to create to make any environment for a kid fun and imaginative. You can find them busy at work in Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand.

The Alphabetica comes with the complete alphabet, and each letter has a unique picture to help your little one learn their Alphabet. My two little ones LOVE to stand and stare and point to each letter. My son is only 2 and comes up to me and says all the time now, "V is for Volcano Mommy." He loves to say Volcano the most, but he is able to put the picture with the letter. It is great!

The hand painted decals are a must for any room, and your little ones will love them!
The Small is $88.00.
The Medium sells for $138.00.
The Large sells for $276.00.

Believe me, our decals have been peeled several times... little hands can't resist! They are so worth it and look great each and every time they are reapplied. Purchase on Sticky Tiki or on their Etsy site.

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