Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Organic Fun Dough!


First, let's get to know Brittany a little better before we tell all about her fabulous products. Brittany states on her site how she is a preschool teacher in New York City. She went to New York after completing graduate school. She then was able to land a wonderful job in Manhattan's Upper East Side at a preschool. Being around kids was her passion and her job. She devoted her time and energy towards helping little ones learn and be creative. She listened as parents and news would always announce another toy recall because of toxins or a substance. She then knew that she could create a safe play dough for little ones. Then it was settled, and Miss Brittany's ORGANIC PRESCHOOL FUN DOUGH was created. 

My favorite for my little ones is the Organic Fun Dough. The product is eco-friendly and is always a hit with the children! My kids LOVE playing with play dough. They could sit for hours creating shapes and objects, Knowing that the dough is non toxic and safe makes it even more beneficial not only for the kids, but parents as well. All orders of the Fun Dough are made in Chicago, Illinois. Each Fun Pack contains two 7 oz containers of organic fun dough. This is great that way each of my little ones can have one all to their self. The containers are 100& recyclable that are made in the United States. 
Here is a list of the ingredients from Organic Fun Dough:
filtered water, organic flour, mediterranean sea salt, organic canola oil, kosher cream of tartar, organic vitamin c,  and nontoxic usa made liquid watercolor.  
You have a choice of six colors:

   *Perfectly Pink, Oh My Goodness Orange, Going Green GreenPurple Power, Lellow Yellow and Blueberry Bounce.

Miss Brittany's recommends storing the product in the fridge just prior to use for a firm consistency as well as after using. Shelf life is three months.

Fun Packs of Organic Fun Dough sell for $14.95.

Another product that Miss Brittany's sells that the kids love are Eco-Stars Recycled CrayonsEco Stars are made with crayons collected from the National Crayon Recycle Program. There are twenty crayons in each box. The eco-stars are made in the USA and the crayons as well as the packaging is 100% recycled. Even better, the crayons are nontoxic. 

My kiddies love to color, and these eco-stars make coloring so much more special to them. They are amazed at the shape of the crayons, and rather than trying to break each crayon in half before each use, they sit and color for long periods at a time without snapping one in half!

Get yours today from Organic Fun Dough for $8.95.


sara said...

Oh wow...waht fun colors! I follow your blog.

sara said...

I follow your blog.