Sunday, June 13, 2010

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DDiscover Jurlique Skin Care Products
Natural Skin Care Products - Jurlique

"It is impossible to manufacture pure
skincare, that’s why we grow it instead.”

– Jurlique Founder Ulrike Klein

I have definitely been on a roller coaster ride with face washes. I have purchased ones that make my face way too dry, and then some that cause my face to seem too oily. Some face washes do not even feel like they are actually cleaning your face. I was giving up on finding that one favorite that makes my face smooth and clean. 

I am thrilled to announce that I use Jurlique Replenishing Foaming Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling soft and gives me that clean feeling I was looking for. The cleanser is blended with essential oils from rose and honeysuckle to gently remove the surface impurities. The end result is soft and moisturized skin which everyone LOVES! 

Purchase at Jurlique at the price of $40.00 for a 6.7 fl.oz.bottle.            

Replenishing Foaming CleanserViola CreamCitrus Hand Cream

Another fantastic product to keep on hand is the Viola Cream. It is rich in the living energy of viola to calm your delicate skin leaving it restored and supple. This is another must-have product because you can actually realize the softness of your skin after using for a period of time. Sells for $36.00 for 1.4 oz.

Finally, a hand cream to take with you wherever you go. This Citrus Hand Cream is in the living energy of tangerine and lemon, and protects your hands by deeply moisturizing and restoring the smoothness. I carry mine with me everywhere and I will definitely have to keep going back for more! Comes in two sizes; 4.3 and 1.4 oz. and the price starts at $25.00.

Here is a little bit about Jurlique if any of you were wondering. 

Jurlique is an Australian skin care company with the mission to provide the purest, most effective skin care through natural and high performance products. Over the 25 years of being in business, the company still puts the love and attention into each and every product to make sure that every customer stays satisfied. Each product is a combinations of herbs and flowers. The products are also only combined with the most potent, biodynamic, organics and natural ingredients.

Jurlique has been in several magazines including Self, Allure, Elle, People, and many more!


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