Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Blankie: Giving is Cool

If your little ones are anything like mine, then they LOVE their blankies! They love taking them everywhere, and they have one favorite. Madison drags her pink silky around that has flowers on one side, and Camden takes his blue silky with him. Not a problem at all. That is why we have washers and dryers! Then we got to the point where we had to take a stuffed animal along with the blankie every time we went out of the house. With two kids, already having to carry a bag filled with diapers and every other necessity for little ones when we step out our front door, it was getting to be a little much. Especially when I am the one that has to carry the favorite stuffed animal.

Happy Blankie has solved all of my problems! Better yet, my little ones are happy! They get to enjoy having their stuffed animal and silky all in one!

ONE to Love, ONE to Share
The founder of Happy Blankie, David Holdridge brought his idea to life. Through his campaign and with the help of his mother and her idea, they are teaching kids to share. One to love, one to share became the core of Happy Blankie. This concept is based on Emily's message to her son David, and his 3 other siblings. "love one another, share with others and make a difference in the world."

Happy Blankie is donating blankies to kids in need. Make a difference when you get yours today by following the instructions on the "giving is cool" tag to donate a blankie. 

There are four favorites to choose from:

Stomp the Happy FrogTumble the Happy Bear

Stomp the Happy Frog
Tumble the Happy Bear
Chase the Happy Dog is a great one. My son loves his! 
Giggle the Happy Pig which is my daughter's favorite.

Happy Blankies come in 3 different sizes:
Medium: $59
Large: $99

Giggle the Happy PigChase the Happy Dog
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sara said...

I follow your blog...these blankies are the cutest. I have grandchildren that would just love one of these.