Tuesday, May 4, 2010

William Bounds Pepper Mill

Grill 7" Pepper Mill

With summer time approaching, many people will start to cook more on the grill. I know my husband and I do. We love grilling out, and it is a perfect time to share and have cookouts with family and friends. Having the best grill accessories is a must, and the best seasonings is also a must. What better way to season your meat  with the Grill Mill Pepper Mill

The Grill Mill was created with the idea that grilling is now an extension of the kitchen. During the summer we are taking our shakers and seasoning containers in and out. I know that a few of our plastic pepper containers have busted just by falling off the grill ledge. The Grill Mill Pepper Mill is a heavy-duty stainless steel  mill, and has a sure-grip housing. It has settings for either extra course or extra fine pepper. This is a sleek looking mill and will go well in any kitchen. The ceramic will never corrode or wear out, which is always a plus! WILLIAM BOUNDS back it by a lifetime warranty!

What distinguishes this mill from the others is that it has a steel/ceramic mechanism that crushes the ingredients rather than grinding them, which allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the peppercorns and sea salt. The possibilities of this mill are endless on what you can use it on. You can add more flavor to meat, veggies, pasta, rice, and more!

The small mill sells for $30, and the large 7" sells for $50.

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