Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Lanie from AMERICAN GIRL

AMERICAN GIRL has an exclusive doll for 2010, and her name is Lanie. She is "an energetic girl who discovers the world in her own backyard." ~American Girl.

Lanie has her own story of her likes, friends, and her wants in the world. I will give you a preview of this adorable girl, but be sure to get her before she is gone! She is a blond-haired 10-year old beauty, who is growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She LOVES science, and loves to be outdoors. She is the perfect doll to have around since summer time is almost here! She makes the most of any adventure all in her very own backyard.

Now if any of your daughters are like my little one, then they love to tote their doll EVERYWHERE! Sometimes it seems like I am doing just as much doll laundry as I am my own. Madison loves to feed her babies (real food), and give them something to drink. The dolls almost will get to share everything she does and has. Madison loves being outside, and now she is able to enjoy the outdoors with Lanie. Being able to read to my daughter about Lanie makes it so much more special because she starts to look at the doll in a whole new way. You can see the love and care come from her as she takes her down the sidewalk. 

Enjoy reading the book, "Lanie" by Jane Kurtz with your little one. There will be plenty to learn about Lanie and her hopes and dreams will inspire your little ones as they grow. Learn about the adventures in "Lanie's Real Adventures" also by Jane Kurtz. 

~The Lanie Dolla and Paperback book sell for $95.
She is an 18" doll that will arrive in a striped rugby dress, an adorable headband, and blue canvas shoes.

~Don't forget to purchase Lanie's accessories who include her computer,  messenger bag, letter, bracelet, two postcards, and pet bunny. $32

~ Purchase a matching rugby dress for girl, $32.

~Get your little one a matching headband as well for $8.

~ "Lanie," and "Lanie's Real Adventures" paperback books can be purchased for $6.95 each.

My favorite  would be Lanie's butterfly outfit which sells for $28. The amount of accessories and outfits, as well as matching outfits for your little ones are endless. Visit AMERICAN GIRL for all of your needs.

"Help us get girl's outside!" ~AMERICAN GIRL

Great American Backyard Campout National Wildlife Federation

Get ready to explore the outdoors—just like Lanie

On June 26, be part of the Great American Backyard Campout®, sponsored by American Girl. Learn moreabout how you and your family can participate, plus discover even more ways to enjoy this outdoor adventure.


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