Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recovering after my Tonsillectomy

On Monday I got my tonsils out. I know what you are thinking.....ouch. Well, besides not being able to eat anything other than broth and popsicles, and only being able to drink Gatorade and water, it is tolerable. Believe me, I was terrified before I finally made the decision to get them out.

I have had strep already twice this year. If it is not strep, my tonsils are constantly swollen, red, and always sore. You definitely get used to it....but in the end I kept asking myself, "Why should I have to live like this?" Wish a little push from my husband, we decided it was time for them to come out. 

I showed up to the surgical center in Frederick off of Thomas Johnson. Dr. Yoon is amazing and a great doctor. We showed up an hour before, and they took me back to get in my gown. Of course like any other surgery, all jewelry needed to be removed, and then we waited until the doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist came out to see me.

My husband and son sat with me until they took me back. My son just had this look on his face.....and I kept asking him what was wrong. My 4-year old son just looked so sad and tears started to run down my face. My poor baby did not want me to go back! However, after my husband asks him what is was so not about me. He was sad because he just wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I guess I need to stop thinking about myself!

Anyways, I'm now on my second day of recovery. (Not including the day of surgery.) The pain has been bearable as long as I do stay on top of my meds. To be honest, going through a week of this is so worth it. I look forward to not getting strep, and tonsillitis, and any other tonsil related illnesses.

So have you had your tonsils out when you were an adult? I have spoken to many and they all told me I had to get it done. Let me warn not read the horror stories online! I psyched myself out so bad but I could not turn away. I just kept reading and reading....but I still got past them and went through with the surgery.

I have been drinking lemon-lime Gatorade over and over. It is my best friend. Right when I woke up from the surgery I drank 3 small cups of water. Listen to your doctors when they tell you to stay up on the fluids. Drink water, drink Gatorade, drink, drink, drink! It does help with the pain. However, I did soon realize that ice cream is not the best thing. Yes, it tastes delicious, but is not great when recovering from tonsillectomy.

So now I wait, and rest some more, and wait. I'm still going through the healing process. The doctor and nurses stated that day 3-5 are the worst, but I'm going to stay positive. As I sit here I will drink some more Gatorade and look forward to the healing process being over and done with. 

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