Thursday, February 21, 2013

Li'l Helper

Every now and then we all need a li'l helper. You may screaming, "Yes!!" as loud as you can right now. Let's face it....getting things done and achieving goals means a lot to me, however, letting someone or something help you can also take the stress off of your shoulders which is not a bad thing. After reading this, if your little one is still using a bottle or nursing, you are going to want to get your hands on a li'l helper.

(Picture provided by li'l helper.)

"The li’l Helper was born soon after Joe Murillo’s first daughter.
Then 27-years-old, Joe’s lifelong passion for tinkering landed him a career as a jeweler, and helped him develop an expert’s touch crafting with his hands.
Despite being a team with his wife, she and Joe sometimes found themselves struggling to keep with up with daily chores while their daughter was nursing.
Fortunately for busy parents everywhere, the idea for li’l Helper struck Joe one day at the supermarket after he saw plastic clothes hangers and remembered about how his daughter instinctually and tightly gripped his finger.
Soon after, Joe was at his workshop, armed with a blow-dryer and molding plastic rods into a bottle holder that one day would become li’l Helper.
“From then on my wife was like, “Holy Smokes, where’s that baby bottle holder you made?” Joe remembers.
Soon too, family friends started asking for their own, and Joe knew he was onto something that would help parents like him, who sometimes wished for an extra set of hands while driving, cooking or working.
Today, Joe’s ingenuity and li’l Helper are freeing parents everywhere to multitask at work and do simple tasks at home, even while keeping loved ones entertained and nursing nearby." ~ li'l helper
How neat is this item??? We have all been there. Sitting down with your baby and cuddling while he/she is eating is a wonderful feeling and moment. When your child is an infant though, we are doing this every few hours throughout the day. If you have an older child or if you are still working from home and you absolutely need to get something done, then the li'l helper can help you!
This item is BPA free, super easy to clean and safe to throw in the dishwasher. If you twins you will fall in love with the li'l helper right away. The li'l helper's ergonomic design matches the natural nursing posture so you can rest assured that your li'l one will be happy. These can also make great gifts for expecting parents! So....which color will you choose?
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