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Guest Post By jb @BuildingMoxie "Man Cave Schman Rave – Give Me a Bar More Practical"

This is most definitely the first time I have ventured out and have submitted (if Stefanie will have it) to a Mommy Blog. Of course, and as we discussed it, me - being a dude, a dad – the Daddy angle would work just fine. But what to write about? My blog / our blog Building Moxie happens to be about DIY and Pro Home Improvement, with a big emphasis on the “Improvement.” So what do I . . . know? Anything Modern? I don’t know. Anything Stylish? idk. Anything Chic? Ha’Well!
Then it hit me (like a Flintstone-sized boulder) -- Man Cave! Certainly Modern, Certainly Stylish and Definitely . . . Ha’Well! At least they’re well documented. Here’s a good read from Spatial Designer Brandon Smith,
To Man Cave or Not to Man Cave. I mean – the “Man Cave” even has its own show on the DIY Network >> Man Caves.
Now I don’t know about you, but I have never been in a house where I had the space to create anything like a subterranean hangout. Ok, each of my residences (old houses) has had a “cellar” -- not usable. BUT all have had ample attic space too.  

In each, I’ll admit it -- I’ve had big plans to carve out a little place for myself, you know . . . up there, in the attic. Maybe not so much a full-on “Stairway to Heaven” --
an Attic Hangout, but just a little someplace where I could set up my long-unused, very-lonely, and right-now-gathering-dust bass gear, maybe a four-track too . . . and a hi-fi … ooo! Or maybe some video equipment, a TV and . . . .

I mean – I don’t need a pool table or a dart board, and I definitely do not need a big screen TV or a bar – not me (Oh Wait!). But still, it never seems to happen. And in this house, with something like 96.5 % certainty -- it will not happen . . . again. We’ll move first, and that’s just how we roll.
Break it down -- I simply have many more items, which are simply of a much higher priority than some project that would help me escape my family, and my girls. Evyn Aleksandra – 8; Eva Varrah – 6; Jenifer Janelle – 40. (whoops!). And OK, there are times when I do feel like I need to get away . . . especially around bed time.
So this leads me to my point. If I had one discretionary improvement that I wish(ed) I could or would make -- I’d add a small (elegantly-done) kitchenette to my upstairs. Ok, “a bar.” A Beverage Center – a young parent’s dream.
Now follow me -- in my house (currently, an 1889 farmhouse), and as with all of my previous houses, the bedrooms are located on the second floor. And of course, the kitchen(s) are on the first. Now picture this: Me settling in downstairs in the office (read: on the couch in front of the tv), when I hear, “Dadddddd!!!!!! I NEED icey cold water. Noooowwwww!!!!!!”
This almost always comes right toward the end of our nightly rituals. It’s up the stairs for jammies, brush and to bed, usually with one of the parents for books and/or whatnot. They (the girls) typically sleep in our eldest’s bedroom. In the winter – I’ll set a space heater and fill the humidifier. Done! (And OK, my wife usually does the “putting them down” for the reading and such.)
After nightly kisses and “sweet dreams” I’ll dart off back downstairs for work on our blog.
And I mean -- it does have to be formal as to incorporate built-ins, but sink – yes (and slap a water filtration system on), a mini frig – yes, maybe a dishwasher and/or even a nuker (for an occasional hot snack) and for me, yes definitely someplace that makes and holds ice.
Oh yes! Just how much time and headache something like this would save me! Oh yes!
Something like one of these might do. Check ‘em! (Thanks out to one of my fave resources,, and to friends Crown Point Cabinetry & Garcia Cabinetmakers for making these images available.)

Decor by Jennifer Inc traditional kitchen
Kitchen traditional kitchen

Catherine Dolen & Associates mediterranean media room

Spruce St. Cottage contemporary kitchen

Oh and the vodka! Tell me that Vodka doesn’t have a place in parenting. Ha! And I know, it’ll never get done. BUT . . . if I had the budget.

Do you have something like this going? And truth, my wife and I rocked a college boy mini frig, stuffed into a bedroom corner with the newborns. It doesn’t really have to be much or that well evolved; it just has to be something that makes . . . life, just a little bit easier.

Thoughts? And thanks for reading.

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